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If you pick one piece of furniture in your living room as the most important piece, you would probably pick your sofa. Below, are some compelling reasons to why your sofa is needed!

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Why a Chesterfield sofa is the perfect match for you?

Thursday, 6 January 2022 20:02:00 Europe/London

One of the most crucial parts of furniture in your home is a sofa; a cause of ease, comfort is something that is needed to feel at home. From the lounge to the kitchen, to the bedroom, sofas play a significant part in setting the overall look of a room. At Newman and Bright, we provide a range of corner sofas. But, what makes our sofas so special?

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Art Deco Style and décor Inspiration

Wednesday, 8 December 2021 16:56:00 Europe/London

Art deco is a unique style design from the 1920s and 1930s in furniture, decorative arts and architecture characterised by its geometric character.Read More
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The inception of Art Deco Furniture

Thursday, 4 November 2021 21:46:00 Europe/London

Rapid economic and industrial development across both Europe and Central America during the 1920s and 1930s helped bring about one of the most lavish and cutting-edge periods in art & design history. This age of revolution, also known as Annes Folles or ‘the crazy years’ ended up defining the Art & Deco Movement as it portrayed a uniqueness unlike anything that had ever been seen before. 

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Art Deco was the thing back in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and still influences design today. Art Deco is easily adapted to suit any interior or style, which defines luxury and comfort. Squished between two World Wars, Art Deco has come to exemplify the elegance of a generation recovering from the First World War.Read More
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The Essentials for a Unique Art- Deco Lifestyle

Friday, 3 September 2021 23:00:00 Europe/London

Feel like your living space could use a little pick-me-up? When it comes to restyling or redecorating your living space, you’d obviously want it to match your personality and your unique way of looking at life. One of the ways in which you can do this is by introducing some elements of Art Deco.Read More


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What is the difference between a couch and a sofa

Wednesday, 4 August 2021 19:58:00 Europe/London

One of the most frequent questions we get while showing visitors around the showroom is what exactly is the difference between a couch and a sofa. Some people think that couch is a lower class term and sofa is used by upper class people, but we havent found that to be true. Well, the answer is right now they mean the same thing. Originally though, couch was used to mean furniture that one lay on coming from the word coucher in French which means lying down. Over time that has developed into the same meaning as sofa and can now be interchanged at will.Read More
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About Newman & Bright

Wednesday, 7 April 2021 12:26:00 Europe/London


Newman & Bright is now one of the very few upholstery factories in the UK offering a bespoke service to both its domestic and commercial clients. We pride ourselves on offering a very personal service to our customers.

Newman & Bright sources European hides from its sister company, Neumann Leathers who have acquired an unmatched level of expertise in the leather industry.

Adjusted to Suit

Each of our home produced models can be adjusted to meet your needs. Frame, seat, hide and colour can all be tailored to your requirements. Or we can help you design your own. Our In-house Production Facilities Every aspect of leather furniture production is undertaken in-house to make sofas to the highest specification from components of the best quality. Built to Perfection from Components of the Highest Quality.

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Hides are selected and finished by leather experts. Each is hand picked from English and European stock, considered the best in the world. Wooden frames are of solid Birch, Beech or Ash hardwood, and seats are either steel sprung or layered with high tension webbing. Each stage of the production process is quality controlled to strict guidelines. Once a model has reached our large showroom you can be assured it has been built with care, precision and attention to detail. To further reduce the price on some models we complement our own ranges with products from carefully selected suppliers overseas. And since we are not burdened with the operational overheads of the large retail chains, we can afford to pass on these substantial savings to you. There are no hidden costs.

Leather Sofa Price Match Guarantee

We will guarantee to match the price of any leather sofa on our site to the same or its equivalent model found anywhere in the UK, whether in a shop or online. Simply contact us by email with the product information.

We welcome all enquiries. Please call 0800 195 0710. Open every day, 9.00am to 9.00pm. For all delivery enquiries ring 0800 195 0711, Mon-Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm. See our customer testimonials about our 3 Piece Suites. You may wish to bookmark this page and return later. 

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